Naming the Hijri date The explanation behind naming the Hijri date with this name is because of the movement of the Messenger, may God favor him and award him harmony, and it is referenced in the purpose behind the development of the Hijri date this story: It is that in the third or fourth year of the progression of the replacement of the adherents Umar receptacle Al-Khattab, may تحويل من هجري لميلادي God be satisfied with him, Abu Musa kept in touch with him Al-Ashari, may God be satisfied with him, a message where he says: “Books from you that don’t contain a date come to us, and in like manner Omar canister Al-Khattab accumulated the Companions, and counseled them about that, and a portion of the Companions demonstrated the date in a Persian manner, yet the Companions didn’t care for this, at that point different Companions showed to the history throughout the entire existence of the Romans, yet this likewise didn’t care for the colleagues, and after that they highlighted the historical backdrop of the introduction of the Prophet Muhammad, harmony and gifts arrive, and others said we dated from the Prophet’s source, and others said who emigrated, at that point Omar stated: “The relocation isolated reality and misrepresentation, so loosen up it And then everybody consented to date from the relocation of the Mustafa, may God favor him and award him harmony. 

Hijri schedule Hijri schedule is known as the Islamic schedule, and it is an authentic record utilized by the Islamic world. For strict purposes, where numerous nations of the world utilize the Gregorian schedule for common purposes, the Hijri year comprises of a year, where each Hijri month starts with the start of the new moon time, and the months shift back and forth somewhere in the range of 29 and 30 days, except for the long stretch of Dhu al-Hijjah, which is the latest month in the Hijri date , As his number of days differs in a 30-year cycle; To save the attack of the schedule with the genuine phases of the moon’s turn of events. Hijri months Sheik al-Din al-Sakhawi referenced in part of his books his name: (Popular in the names of days and months) The reasons and implications of the inference of the Hijri months, which are as per the following: Muharram محرم : This name was given since it is a month of Muharram, to affirm its sacredness; As the Arabs were fluctuating in this month, it is one year, and one more year is illegal. 

Safarصفر : Named this name in light of the fact that the places of the Arabs were unfilled of their proprietors, who used to go out to battle and travel. Where it is said zero the spot assuming nothing.

The period of Rabi ‘al-Awwal and the long stretch of Rabi’ al-Akher ربيع الأول: This name was called to follow the Arabs, implying that the Arabs lived in Rabi’a Building.

 Jumada al-Awlah  جمادي الأول and Jumada al-Akherah: This month was called this name because of the latency of water in it. 

Rajab رجب : It is respecting and glorification. 

Shaaban شعبان: The name of this current month was gotten from the consequences of the Arab clans, and their dispersal of the assault. 

Ramadan رمضان : From the force of Ramadan, which is free. Shawwa شوال l: He is the person who shackled the camels with their tails to beat them 

Dhul Qi’dah ذي القعدة : This was called in light of the fact that the individuals in this month were hesitant to battle, to move around and to move around. 

Dhul Hijjah ذي الحجة: This was called on the grounds that they made the Hajj this month.